Producer: Care and Compliance Group
Release Date: 2004
Item Code: CC/DSD
Format: DVD
Running Time: 25

Documentation: Safe and Sound Narrative Charting

Proper documentation is not only a regulatory requirement, but serves as a legal record of care that protects the resident, staff and the facility as a whole.

This timely DVD explains and demonstrates the importance of accurate, thorough documentation that assures a continuum of care for residents and serves as a communication tool for staff and (family members).

Staff will learn:

  • Types of Doumentation (assessments, appraisals, narrative charting/notes, care plans, end-of-shift reports)
  • Charting methods, such as, scheduled charting, charting to the exception, and Data Action Response (D.A.R.) charting
  • How to complete narrative entries (when, where, what and how to chart)
  • Handling errors in charting

This needed resource also covers proper care and storage of records, and ways to maintain confidentiality, including who is and who is not authorized to view confidential records.

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