Producer: Partnerships for Health
Release Date: 2011
Item Code: DCA2
Format: DVD
Running Time: 1 hour, 21 minutes

Dementia Care For America’s Heroes – Part 2 (Communication)

This training DVD hones in on ways to help families and professionals better understand why communication changes with dementia, and what can be done to engage veterans when communication is a challenge.  With input from real caregivers, it gives solid ideas on how to create two-way emotional interactions, how to respect a veteran’s personal space by initiating a positive physical approach, and how to get tasks done easier.  Caregivers will also learn specific visual, verbal, and touch cues to defuse stressful physical situations, enhance overall communication, and make social visits more productive.  Chaptered for easy access to a specific topic.  Presented by award-winning dementia care specialist Heather McKay.

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