Producer: Wisconsin Coalition Against Domestic Violence
Item Code: CJR
Format: DVD
Running Time: 25 minutes

Criminal Justice In Later Life Domestic Violence

This educational DVD will help law enforcement professionals understand how to:

  • properly interview older victims (and alleged abusers)
  • collect physical evidence
  • gather and interpret information
  • build a credible court case even if the victim recants
  • explain the legal and protective services available to victims

Using a re-enactment case scenario, the DVD creates awareness of many factors specific to elder abuse, including, differences in an older person’s physical body, levels of cognizance, existing medical conditions, and heightened levels of fear. It also covers the various forms abuse can take physical, verbal, and financial as well as, less obvious forms, such as, psychological and sexual.

Law enforcement professionals, victim advocates, and other service providers will benefit from this DVD by learning how to better communicate with and assist elderly abuse victims.

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