Producer: Care and Compliance Group
Release Date: 2007
Item Code: CC/CBD
Format: DVD
Running Time: 45 minutes

Caring for Bedridden Residents

This DVD defines bedridden status, and looks at the role of the caregiver in maintaining comfort levels, and monitoring the resident’s overall well-being. It gives tips on how to prevent residents from getting to a bedridden state, and identifies complications that can lead to bedridden status, such as skin breakdown, psycho social changes, depression, anxiety, and dependence. It discusses contractual (the tightening of muscles in the hands, arms, or legs into a fixed position), and how to prevent it. It also discusses the use of equipment and devices, such as, the hospital bed, booties, splints, and foam wedges.

Caregivers will learn proactive ways to reduce further complications through routine turning, and re positioning, paying attention to body position, and managing incontinence.

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