Producer: Terra Nova Films, Inc.
Includes: Viewer's Guide
Release Date: 2015
Item Code: BRBD
Format: DVD
Running Time: 12 minutes

“Bob, I’m Really Busy”: The Impact of Impersonal Care on the Well-being of Persons Living with Dementia

impersonal (im-pur-son-al) adj. 1. Not influenced by, showing, or involving personal feelings. 2. Not existing as a person.

Impersonal care can be subtle and unintentional…

Through five short trigger scenarios involving assistance for a person living with dementia, this DVD presents care situations that will open up discussion on how best to provide resident-specific support and assistance. Each brief scenario is designed to demonstrate the impact of a caregiver’s tone, actions, and level of sensitivity to the resident’s needs. This up-close-and-personal look at caregiving will give caregivers a chance to dissect and analyze how they provide care, and foster a deeper understanding of how to interact positively with persons living with dementia.

The DVD comes with a Viewer’s Guide that outlines each scenario, and provides through-provoking suggestions on how to improve the outcomes for each situation.

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