Producer: Action Pact., Inc.
Includes: Workbook.
Item Code: AP/BWD
Format: DVD
Running Time: 26 minutes

Becoming Who They Were: Building Community Among Elders Living with Dementia

‘I think that we learned something from these community circles-that the resident can contribute, and that they can carry on in a social model very appropriately if given the opportunity, and given some encouragement…over a period of time, it might really change the life of that resident and how the resident looks at life.’  

This DVD starts out with scenes of a typical nursing home, a typical resident’s room, a typical resident’s day–then reminds us that it doesn’t have to be this way!

It demonstrates the benefits of Community Learning Circles in which residents with dementia come together with staff and volunteers to sing songs, and listen to and share stories and personal experiences, while they learn about each other and engage in friendly, social interaction.

Through a sample Community Learning Circle, the DVD shows 10 Techniques to start, conduct, and end a session.

The documented results on engaging persons with dementia in these Community Learning Circles include improved self-esteem, mental stimulation, a sense of belonging, and an opportunity for residents to share themselves. Includes Workbook.

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