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Producer: Michael Chekov Association, Inc.
Release Date: 2008
Item Code: BHBD
Format: DVD
Running Time: 38 minutes

Beautiful Hills of Brooklyn

Based on the journal of 89-year-old Jessie Singer Sylvester, this multiple award-winning film, richly captures the inner (and outer) world of an elderly woman dealing with the changes in her life. Set in the backdrop of her beloved Brooklyn neighborhood, Jessie’s mundanely honest, yet life-affirming, story gives us a glimpse of the joys and sorrows in her life. We experience along with her the joys of poetry, music, and the Botanical Garden, as well as, the sorrows of losing her sister, friends moving away, her increasing forgetfulness, and losing a sense of security in the neighborhood she’s lived in all her life.

This “study in aging” sheds light on what countless older adults experience in their later years, and gives insight into the great impact care providers and family members can have on an older person’s life. An excellent training resource for social work/gerontological studies.

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