Producer: Action Pact, Inc.
Release Date: 2004
Item Code: AP/WHD
Format: DVD
Running Time: 55

A Way Back Home: Three Components of Culture Change in Long-Term Care

‘…the next generation of nursing homes is not going to be a place where you go to sit there and die; it’s going to be a place to go to continue living, and explore things that you could never to at other points in your life.’from the DVD

This DVD takes the viewer on a much-needed journey from the medical (task-oriented) model of care to a social (person-centered) model of care. With a brief overview of the culture change vision and some of its pioneers, the DVD shares examples of real nursing homes in various stages of physical and social change, along with first-hand insights from residents and staff.

Chaptered for easy access to a specific area of interest, the DVD explains the 3 Steps to Culture Change (Renovating the home, Reframing the organization, and Renewing the spirit), and how crucial staff are in the realization and delivery of care.

With emphasis on ‘home-, community-, and person-first’, this DVD will help other facilities to initiate or enhance person-centered care techniques that adapt to each resident’s individual needs and desires. Includes Workbook.

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