Producer: Brilliant Image Production
Release Date: BI/LSD
Item Code: BI/LSD
Format: DVD
Running Time: 64 minutes

Live Outside the Stigma: Confronting the Myths and Stigmas of Alzheimer’s Disease and other Related Dementia from the Inside Out

“Several years ago, a neurologist walked into his office, in which my wife and my brother and I sat. And he looked down at his desk, and he said, ‘Richard, you have dementia, probably of the Alzheimer’s type’.”

And thus began Dr. Richard Taylor’s journey with Alzheimer’s. In this poignant, yet honest DVD, he dispels many of the myths and stigmas associated with dementia by sharing what he has experienced and learned from others in various stages of dementia. Dr. Taylor tells how it is to live with dementia, and how others can adjust their thinking and actions to help those diagnosed with dementia to continue to live productively.

This “insider’s manual” of understanding, dealing with, and breaking out of the boundaries of a dementia diagnosis is filled with information that Dr. Taylor wished he had known early on. His valuable hindsights will help those newly diagnosed with dementia, as well as, caregivers and family members, to get a better understanding of how to live with and/or provide care to persons with dementia.

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