Producer: University of Maryland School of Medicine Video Press
Release Date: 2011
Item Code: VP/RRSD
Format: DVD
Running Time: 15

Resident’s Rights: Strategies to Overcome Resistance to Care

Residents have the right to refuse care…

This DVD equips caregiver staff with effective ideas to overcome resident resistance to necessary care through practical strategies that are mindful of the resident’s rights and preferences. The DVD encourages a team approach that includes staff communication about the most effective strategies and encourages family involvement.

Some of the strategies to reduce resistance to care include:

  • investigating and understanding why the resistance may be there,
  • listening and responding to the resident’s pace and cues,
  • developing a relationship that enables the resident to feel safe, and
  • explaining and involving the resident in the care being provided.

The DVD offers proven strategies that reduce confrontations, respect resident rights, and give residents a sense of dignity and control.

Presented by Elizabeth Gilik, PhD, CRNP and Katie MIller, LCSW-C

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