Producer: CareSource Healthcare Communications
Release Date: 2005
Item Code: RAU
Format: DVD
Running Time: 22 minutes

Representing All Of Us: The Role Of The Safety Committee In Long-Term Care and Assisted Living

This two program video takes a multidisciplinary team approach to workplace safety that helps to keep residents safe while reducing staff-related injuries. The video shows that having an active, high-profile safety committee can:

  1. heighten staff awareness and practice of safety measures
  2. increase interdepartmental communication
  3. boost staff morale when management support of safety measures is visual.

Program 1 includes what the safety committee does and reviews the basics of on-the-job safety. (9 minutes)
Program 2 includes how safety committees members from all levels of staff work together, and discusses ways to create the best safety committee possible in your facility. (13 minutes)

This video is an ideal reminder to staff of the importance they play in everyday safety for residents and each other.

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