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Producer: Ann Smith Videos
Release Date: 2010
Item Code: AS/MML
Format: DVD
Running Time: 107 min.

Music, Movement and Longevity: The Exercise of Ann Smith

This inspiring compilation DVD serves as a salute to Ann Smith’s fifty plus years of teaching stretch exercise-a system of slow-moving exercise, developed from her ballet and dance training, that strengthens and rejuvenates the enire body. Introduced and demonstrated by Ann Smith, (now in her eighties), these exercise routines are designed to help participants maintain a healthy body, and aid in the recovery of many health conditions, such as, arthritis, cancer, lung disease, and cardiac rehab.

This DVD features exercise excerpts from Ann’s best-selling titles, including:

  • Stretching for Seniors, also known as Stretch Exercise with Ann Smith, which introduces her unique style of continuous stretching to classical music.
  • Moving to Mozart which features specialize exercise routines.
  • Rise and Shine which gives 2-4 minute routines to do every morning before dressing.
  • The intergenerational Hey Kids! Get Moving! that shows Ann performing wieght-bearing movements with several children.
  • Inhale, Exhale, Stretch that demonstrates slow-motion, continuous stretching routines for various ages and abilities, set to Chopin.

These music-and-movement exercises can be used by men, women, and children of various ages and abilty levels.

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