Producer: Enhanced Moments
Release Date: 2005
Item Code: MEAD
Format: DVD
Running Time: 171

Memory Enhanced Activities

The key to any person, whether they have dementia or not, is to figure out what their greatness is, what makes them feel valued…and “give them their stuff back”. – From the DVD

This two-part DVD will show staff how to engage older adults with dementia –  through empowering activities which trigger memories that residents can see, hear, feel, smell, and touch. It gives practical suggestions on how to structure activities, adapt the environment for better interactive responses, and simplify activities for the resident’s development level. This program gives a ton of great ideas on passive and active activities that boost self-esteem, and help residents to feel safer and “at home”.

Topics include:

  • Remember Their Greatness
  • Quality Connections
  • Your Mood Affects Their Mood
  • Development Level
  • Structure and Routine
  • Activity Person’s Role
  • Staff’s Role

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