Producer: Video Press, University of Maryland School of Medicine
Item Code: HB
Format: DVD
Running Time: 19 Minutes

Hi Buddy: The Developmentally Delayed Individual with Alzheimer’s Disease

This video introduces Roger, a 53 year old man with Down’s syndrome and a diagnosis of Alzheimer’s Disease. Observing Roger at home, at work and at a doctor’s appointment, the viewer will note areas in which Roger is still independent and areas where he now requires assistance. Interviews with his family caregiver, his physician and his work counselor provide essential information for family and professional caregivers working with older individuals with developmental delay and dementing illness. Despite Roger’s decline, he still retains the ability to win over the world with his smile and cheerful nature.

Prepared in cooperation with the Alzheimer’s Disease and Related Disorders Association, Inc., Central Maryland Chapter. Medical advisors: Debra Wertheimer, MD and Andrew Warren, MB, BS, DPhil.


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