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Producer: MacDaniel/Ronalter Productions
Release Date: 2006
Item Code: GUICD
Format: DVD
Running Time: 21 minutes

Guide to Urinary Incontinence LTC Licensed Staff

This video covers what urinary incontinence is, its effects on residents’ quality of life, and how much CNAs can help residents reduce UI while helping them to maintain a sense of dignity.   It covers 4 types of UI with accompanying symptoms and/or most common occurrences. It mentions the importance of maintaining a bladder record, how environment can play a role in UI, toileting programs, such as, scheduled toileting, habit training, and prompted voiding. It also looks at types of Bladder Retraining Techniques, as well as, continence and urinary catheter care plus hand washing hygiene.

Presented by Diane Newman, RN, MSN, an internationally-known nurse expert on Urinary Incontinence and Management.

Package includes a 7-minute DVD quiz.

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