Producer: UMAB Video Press
Item Code: VP/FLC
Format: DVD
Running Time: 20 Minutes

Flashpoints: Losing Control

Flashpoints: Losing Control opens the door to much-needed discussion of the daily stresses involved in caregiving. Staff members will be encouraged to take a realistic look at their own ‘flashpoints’–the situations or actions that cause them to react or lose control. The video highlights the importance of caregivers acknowledging feelings of anger, resentment, and fatigue as a way to reduce flareups, especially when dealing with situations beyond their control–such as, staff and equipment shortages, difficult residents, and demanding family members. Flashpoints: Losing Control offers strategies to help caregivers to:

  • recognize and heed their physical and emotional stress limits
  • deal with the stress triggers before they become explosive

This tape is part of a two tape series. The other tape in the series is:

  • Flashpoints: Regaining Control

Each tape in this series is listed separately in this catalog, and may be purchased individually for $159.00. The Discount Price for the Complete Two-Tape Series is $289.00.

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