Producer: UMAB Video Press
Item Code: VP/DSQ
Format: DVD
Running Time: 22 Minutes

Delirium: Strategies for Quality Care

This program explains what delirium is, and looks at the benefits of taking an interdisciplinary approach in the early recognition, assessment, treatment, monitoring, and prevention of delirium. It stresses the importance of:

  • all levels of staff being trained to screen for delirium
  • nursing assistants gathering and sharing the first-hand information they receive daily, personal contact with the resident
  • getting the family members involved in the treatment process

Caregivers will learn to recognize indicators of delirium that might be easily overlooked, such as, episodes of disorganized speech, periods of restlessness or lethargy, and fluctuating mental status throughout the day. The video is a vital reminder that a team approach to recognizing delirium early on can greatly reduce the impact of delirious episodes, and help restore and/or maintain residents at their maximum levels of functioning.

This is tape 3 in a 3 tape series. This series, presented by Dr. Georgia Stevens, encourages a team approach to MDS criteria in the daily assessment of residents. It covers the signs, causes, effects, and treatment consideration of delirium. It also stresses early, preventive response to symptoms, crucial sharing of information between the staff and family members, and gives ways to decrease episodes of delirium.

The other two tapes in the series are:

  • Delirium: First Alert, Early Recognition of Risks and Symptoms
  • Delirium: Signs, Contributing Factors, and Causes

Each tape is listed and described separately in this catalog. The complete series is also listed as Delirium: Recognizing, Reporting and Responding for Quality and may be purchased for $398.00.


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