Producer: UMAB Video Press
Item Code: VP/DSC
Format: DVD
Running Time: 15 Minutes

Delirium: Signs, Contributing Factors, and Causes

Unlike dementia, delirium is not a permanent condition, and can be treated–most successfully by dealing early on with the initial cause. T he video looks at the significance of staff members being able to recognize the signs, symptoms, and causes of delirium as a proactive step in reducing episodes of delirium in the long-term care setting. I t also identifies the differences between depression, dementia, and delirium. T he video also discusses ways to identify residents most at risk by looking at factors such as age, gender, pain, medical changes, psycho-social changes and environmental changes. Caregivers will learn how much their awareness, documentation, and sharing of information about sudden and/or noticeable changes can greatly affect a residents immediate and long-term health and quality of life.

This is tape 2 in a 3 tape series. This series, presented by Dr. Georgia Stevens, encourages a team approach to MDS criteria in the daily assessment of residents. It covers the signs, causes, effects, and treatment consideration of delirium. It also stresses early, preventive response to symptoms, crucial sharing of information between the staff and family members, and gives ways to decrease episodes of delirium.

The other two tapes in the series are:

  • Delirium: First Alert, Early Recognition of Risks and Symptoms
  • Delirium: Strategies for Quality Care

Each tape is listed and described separately in this catalog. The complete series is also listed as Delirium: Recognizing, Reporting and Responding for Quality and may be purchased for $398.00.

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