Producer: Enhanced Moments
Release Date: 2005
Item Code: CMJD
Format: DVD
Running Time: 177

Creating Moments of Joy

Learn how to look beyond the challenges of Alzheimer’s and connect with persons with dementia–by creating individual moments of joy! In this extensive, two-part DVD, staff will learn experience-based ways to make “quality connections” that embrace and celebrate who the person is, how to use activities as an avenue to boost self-esteem and well-being, and how to reduce resident agitation through tone of voice, body language–and knowing what is important to the person at that particular moment.

Topics include:

  • Understanding the Person
  • Live Their Truth
  • “I Want to go Home!”
  • Stop Correcting Them
  • Remember Their Greatness
  • Good Dementia, Bad Dementia
  • Treasure Boxes
  • Sundowning
  • “Honey”, “Dearie”
  • Moments of Discomfort

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