Producer: UMAB Video Press
Item Code: VP/CCS
Format: DVD
Running Time: 20 minutes

Care of the Dying: A Conspiracy of Silence: Helping the Patient and Family Live With Terminal Illness

A Conspiracy of Silence looks at both the reluctance of patients to ‘burden’ their family members with their terminal illness, and the instinctive need family members feel to ‘protect’ their loved one from the truth. It also discusses ways caregivers can help families communicate, and go through all the stages of the illness together so they can openly comfort, support, and express their true emotions to each other and avoid feelings of guilt or regret later on.

This tape is part of a four tape series. The other tapes in the series are:
Care of the Dying: Learning About Dying: Death, the Final Stage of Life
Care of the Dying: Making Decisions and Plans
Care of the Dying: Comfort Measures at the End of Life
Each tape from the series is listed separately and may be purchased individually for $159.00. The Discount Price for the complete four tape set, listed as Care of the Dying, The Series, is $499.00.

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