Producer: Concept Media
Release Date: 2001
Item Code: SM
Format: DVD
Running Time: 10 minutes

See Me

Poignantly shot in black-and-white, this classic 10-minute video speaks to the dignity needs of older adults, and will sensitize caregivers to recognize the personhood and uniqueness of each older adult as they provide daily care. Based on an anonymous poem found in the effects of a woman who died in a nursing facility, See Me gives viewers an extraordinary glimpse into what may be going on behind a ‘blank’ stare, a slow, uncoordinated movement, or a resident’s inability to verbalize thoughts. These surprising ‘revelations’ will remind caregivers of the full, three-dimensional lives residents once lived, and of the desires still inside of older adults. A testament to the triumph of the human spirit, this video should be required viewing for anyone who works with (or will work with) older adults! Winner of the CINE Golden Award and the Gracie Allen Grand Prize from American Women in Radio and Television.

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